Sabino Canyon Trail

stone man, sabino canyon west fork trail

snag on trail from Sabino Canyon to Hutch's Pool

Sparse shade on Sabino trail

Old trunk on West fork Trail near Hutch's Pool

Hutch's Pool, Sabino Basin

cactus in rocks at Hutch's Pool

canyon wall with trail, sabino west fork

stretching after the hike to Hutch's Pool

trail into the basin above Sabino Canyon

danish flag in stone, sabino trail west

Sabino Canyon trail to Hutch's Pool

Sabino Canyon West Fork Trail

Tree Roots at Hutch's Pool, Sabino Basin

Hutch's Pool

cairn marking West Fork Sabino Trail

Hutch's Pool, Sabino Canyon West Fork Trail

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Hutch's Pool, Sabino West Fork Trail

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