arroyo in ventana canyon, tucson

arroyo dry wash on ventana canyon trail

rock outcropping on the trail in ventana canyon

trail in upper ventana canyon on hillside

hillsde in ventana canyon on trail

ventana canyon trail view of Tucson

prickly pear cactus at the bottom of ventana canyon trail




ventana canyon rocks

songbird in ventana canyon

frog on a rock in ventana canyon

trail in upper ventana canyon

shady spot on the ventana canyon trail

hike at the top of the climb up ventana canyon trail

ventana canyon from the top


Ventana Canyon Trail

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Above the resorts in Ventana Canyon near Tucson is a lovely canyon hike.The lower section is an easy walk, farther in the canyon the trail becomes steep to reach the top. The view and the experience are worth the climb. Images in this gallery were taken with a Nikon D90, and are available in high resolution.

dry arroyo wash on the trail in Ventana Canyon

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