Publication Editors

The stories on this website are available for publication, along with high resolution photos which go with each story. I will be building pages with downloadable documents and electronic images soon. The goal will be to help you with projects on a quick deadline, as the length of many of these stories make them suitable as filler articles.

Terms of use

I would like to be paid your publication’s going rate for articles and photos that you will not hold exclusive rights to. Your publication of these stories or images will in no way limit my rights to publish them elsewhere.

I also ask that my name, Eva Gill, and this website be used to give credit for both written work and photographs.

As you may be working under tight time constraints, you do not need express permission from me before printing. Please do let me know when you use my material, that I can keep track.


























Available Stories

New stories will be added regularly, and also available for publication.

Flooded out of Torres del Paine - The story of our ill-timed visit and evactuation from Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Word Count: 1574

Family Snow Day - Enjoying the weather with dogs and children. Word count: 614

Oh Yeah, My Passport - On the way out of the country, I discover my passport has expired. Word Count: 1387

Family Dive - Learning to scuba dive with my husband and children in Puerto Morelos Mexico. Word count: 2549

Cody’s Num Nums- Choosing our personal horses as we sold our dude ranch. Word Count: 1953

San Francisco with Little Monkey How I came to take annual trips alone with one of my children, and a trip with my 9-year-old daughter to San Francisco. Word Count:  861

Reflections of the Alvord in Tokyo Thinking two weeks back to one of the least populated places on earth while on a crowded train in Tokyo. Word Count: 959

Stories from the Dude Ranch: Bug Squishers - A little boy and an unusal use of cowboy boots. Word Count: 222

Stories from the Dude Ranch: Puppy Love - An interlude between a guest and our dog. Word Count: 502

Stories from the Dude Ranch: His Humor is All Wet - A horse's humor lands a rider in the canal. Word Count: 387

Stories from the Dude Ranch: Chocolate Grenades - The chef makes an unfortunate choice of balloons in creating chocolate cups. Word Count 480

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