Family Adventure Photographs: Alvord Hot Springs

Photo gallery of Family Adventure: sailboat races in Annapolis, Maryland

Family Adventure: Tulum Beach, Mexico

Family Adventure Travel photographs: Victoria BC Image Gallery

Photographs of Family Adventure Travel: Three Valleys, France Image Gallery

Travel Adventure for the Family: Izu Oshima Island, Japan photographs


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Our Adventures

These stories, photos, and podcasts are from our wanderings and travels. We hope you enjoy exploring the world through our eyes.

We are currently on a trip around the world as a family. Follow our journey travelogue on our blog.

Wander with us:

Explore Places: Experience areas through stories and photo galleries

Some of the places we have wandered are included in narrative stories and photo galleries in this site. You can explore these by region:

France travels France

Alaska RiversAlaska Yentna, Lake Creek Area

Alvord Desert View Alvord desert and Steens Mountain region in Oregon

Finger rock trail Tucson and the Sonoran Desert

annapolis sailboat race, sailboat with blue spinnaker Annapolis, Maryland

Palomino horse in field Rock Springs Guest Ranch, Tumalo, Oregon

boogie boarding in mexico Explore Mexico

feeding a japanese macaque Explore Japan

Our Stories. Read or listen.

Our written and podcasted stories are narratives of experiences from around the world. (The link to recorded podcast of a story, if available, is the mp3 icon following the title.)

Our Stories

Agri-Tourism at its Best: Central Oregon Pumkin Company Corn Maze:Fall traditions in the High Desert of Oregon.

Tobu World Square; Around the World in One Afternoon: In Nikko, a historical cultural center in Japan, there is an unusual park where we visited the wonders of the world.

Japanese Ryokan Meals: My thoughts, descriptions, and reactions to meals at two traditional Japanese Inns.

Steens Storm:The story of waiting out a storm in the Steens above the Alvord Desert in Oregon.

Barra de Potosi; A Road Less Traveled: mp3 icon A contrast of experiences, staying in a small Mexican fishing village immediately before a family reunion at Club Med in Ixtapa.

Potty Talk: on Japanese Toilets: Random rambling about the ubiquitous washlets in Japan, and the evolution from their squaty-potties.

Flooded out of Torres del Paine: mp3 iconThe story of our ill-timed visit and evactuation from Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Hungry Wild Things in Japan: mp3 iconOn feeding squirrels, bunnies, sika deer, and wild macaques in Japan.

Family Snow Day: Enjoying winter weather with dogs and children.

Oh Yeah, My Passport: While checking in at the airport on the way out of the country, I discover my passport has expired.

Family Dive: mp3 iconLearning to scuba dive with my husband and children in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

Reflections of the Alvord in Tokyo: mp3 iconThinking two weeks back to one of the least populated places on earth while on a crowded train in Tokyo.

Cody’s Num Nums: Choosing our personal horses as we sold our dude ranch.

San Francisco with Little Monkey: mp3 iconHow I came to take annual trips alone with one of my children, and a trip with my 9-year-old daughter to San Francisco.

Stories From the Dude Ranch ~ Bug Squishers:A little boy and his excitement over an unusal use of cowboy boots.

Stories From the Dude Ranch: Puppy Love: An interlude between a guest and our dog.

Stories from the Dude Ranch: His Humor is All Wet: A horse's sense of humor lands a rider in the canal.

Stories from the Dude Ranch: Chocolate Grenades - The chef makes an unfortunate choice of balloons in creating chocolate cups.

Hannah's Pages: Thoughts from my daughter on selling the dude ranch and our horses.

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