chesapeake bay schooner

schooner on the chesapeake

schooner on the chesapeake

chesapeake schooner

schooner during the anapolis boat races

schooner on the chesapeake

boatraces on the chesapeake

schooner on chesapeake bay


chasepeake bay schooner sails

schooner sailboat on chesapeake bay

boat races from a schooner on the chesapeake

crew on a chesapeake schooner

boatrace spinnaker

chesapeake schooner

schooner sails

anapolis boat races

Woodwind Schooner on Chesapeake Bay

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Not your average cruise, this sail was a race between two schooners on Chesapeake Bay during the Wednesday night boat races in Annapolis. Water spray, rail in the water, and scrambling to the high side were the rule. The company is called Woodwind Schooners. Photos were taken with a Nikon D90, and are available in high resolution.

Schooner on Chesapeake Bay

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