Our written and podcasted stories are narratives of experiences from around the world. (The link to recorded podcast of a story, if available, is the mp3 icon following the title.)

Our Stories

Eiffel Umbrella: A whim purchase offers protection in a sudden squall in Paris

Agri-Tourism at its Best: Central Oregon Pumkin Company Corn Maze:Fall traditions in the High Desert of Oregon.

Tobu World Square; Around the World in One Afternoon: In Nikko, a historical cultural center in Japan, there is an unusual park where we visited the wonders of the world.

Japanese Ryokan Meals: My thoughts, descriptions, and reactions to meals at two traditional Japanese Inns.

Steens Storm:The story of waiting out a storm in the Steens above the Alvord Desert in Oregon.

Barra de Potosi; A Road Less Traveled: mp3 icon A contrast of experiences, staying in a small Mexican fishing village immediately before a family reunion at Club Med in Ixtapa.

Potty Talk: on Japanese Toilets: Random rambling about the ubiquitous washlets in Japan, and the evolution from their squaty-potties.

Flooded out of Torres del Paine: mp3 iconThe story of our ill-timed visit and evactuation from Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Hungry Wild Things in Japan: mp3 iconOn feeding squirrels, bunnies, sika deer, and wild macaques in Japan.

Family Snow Day: Enjoying winter weather with dogs and children.

Oh Yeah, My Passport: While checking in at the airport on the way out of the country, I discover my passport has expired.

Family Dive: mp3 iconLearning to scuba dive with my husband and children in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

Reflections of the Alvord in Tokyo: mp3 iconThinking two weeks back to one of the least populated places on earth while on a crowded train in Tokyo.

Cody’s Num Nums: Choosing our personal horses as we sold our dude ranch.

San Francisco with Little Monkey: mp3 iconHow I came to take annual trips alone with one of my children, and a trip with my 9-year-old daughter to San Francisco.

Stories From the Dude Ranch ~ Bug Squishers:A little boy and his excitement over an unusal use of cowboy boots.

Stories From the Dude Ranch: Puppy Love: An interlude between a guest and our dog.

Stories from the Dude Ranch: His Humor is All Wet: A horse's sense of humor lands a rider in the canal.

Stories from the Dude Ranch: Chocolate Grenades - The chef makes an unfortunate choice of balloons in creating chocolate cups.

Hannah's Pages: Thoughts from my daughter on selling the dude ranch and our horses.

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