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Aladdin and Billy



Our Herd

~ by Hannah

Ever since we sold the ranch we have started our own herd made up of six horses. First is Aladdin my aunt Suzanne’s horse. He is spunky and curious although he tends to enter your personal space when you’re in the field with him.

Second is my mom’s beautiful 18 year old paint horse named Cody, he is loving and a bit cinchy. Third is my sister’s 20 year old horse Honey, an independent and spirited qaurter horse. Fourth is My horse Rebel, he is a clumsy, immature 13 year old gelding with a few problems, but I love him any way. Fifth is Maverick, Jamie’s horse, which is another horse a barely know except I have heard he is a bit crazy. Last but not least is Billy, Jasmine's horse, he is a well behaved horse- perfect for a young rider.

Today (10/26/08) we took Marlie’s horse Honey to a show, she worked hard and was quickly drenched with sweat. After being at the show for 9 hours, we finally got to go home. We took Honey to her field and she got herded off by Rebel which makes me think that he has claimed her.


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