Dark bay horse in a field

Bay horse getting grain from a child

A palomino horse and a child

skewbald pinto and palomino horses in a field

sorrell horse cantering in round pen

palomino and pinto horses eating treats from a child

palomino and pinto horses getting grain from a child

pinto and palomino horses with a child

Horses trotting in the field

Bay horse closeup

Bay horse getting hugged by a child

palomino horse grazing in a field

palomino horse being hugged by a child

pinto and palomino horses grazing

pinto and palomino horses waiting for snacks

palomino and skewbald pinto horses in the field

pinto and palomino horses with a child

Sorrell horse in the field

Our Horses, Summer Day

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Included in this gallery are our three horses: Cody the Skewbald Pinto, Honey the Palomino, and Flaming Rebel the Sorrell. Horses who live with ours are all bays, Maverick with the big blaze, and Aladin the dark bay in the field shots. Billy only made it into one background shot. You can read about them in Cody's Num Nums. All but one of these shots was taken with a Nikon D90, and are available in high resolution. If you use my images for school projects or elsewhere, please either leave the www.gilladventures.com watermark on them or give me credit by the photograph.

Pinto and palomino wait for snacks from a child

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