skwentna river, alaska

trees dead from flooding on the Skwentna River, Alaska

view of mountains from the Skwentna River

old cabin on the Skwentna

views from the Skwentna river, Alaska

8 mile slough on the Skwentna

brown water in eight mile slough, Skwentna, Alaska

skwentna river, Alaska

sandy bank of the Swentna River, Alaska

Skwentna River views in Alaska

eagles nest on the banks of the Skwentna

jetsleds on the bank of the Skwentna

the canyon on the Skwentna

river braids on the Skwentna, Alaska

8 mile slough on the Swnentna

eight mile slough on the Swentna River is brown from iron

Skwentna River and 8 Mile Slough

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The Skwentna River is, like the Yentna, fed by melt from glaciers, making the water brown. Eight Mile Slough, on the Skwentna also carries a good deal of iron, adding a deep rust color. The Skwentna braids and branches as it flows, often spreading miles from the main channel.

Skwentna River, Alaska

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