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On Selling Rock Springs Guest Ranch

Many people recently have asked me how I feel about selling the ranch and so I will write about it here to avoid these depressing questions.

Although most people thought that this tragedy started when the company decided to buy the ranch from us, but they are incorrect because the ranch had been almost failing for many years and every year we would think that it would be the ranch's last year. Whenever I thought of the ranch closing I would become extremely upset. But after time passed I began to pick up on how stressed my parents were and the thought of selling the ranch began to seem more like a new beginning rather than an end.

I began to wish that more people would come to the ranch so that my parents would be less stressed, when this dream seemed impossible I began wishing that someone would make an offer on the ranch and I found that this wish was granted. As I began to realize that this was the last year at the ranch I started living it to its best, I started making sure that I was happy as often as possible.

Now the ranch is no longer with us but I will still have many years that live on in my heart. I have always disliked change but I now understand that this change was for the best. Once when you would ask me how I felt about the ranch closing I would have said something like, "I would just die if that happened," but now I would say something like, "it is all right." From now on I will be able to look at life with a new light and except each day.

Live each day to the fullest.



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