The stories in this series are some of my favorites I told in newsletters during our years at Rock Springs Guest Ranch.

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Stories from the Dude Ranch

Bug Squishers

Over the years many guests come and go, and some remain in our hearts for years. One such family is the Mittons from Canada. They are lovely people, and brought their large family for several years. Although their time for coming to Rock Springs has passed, we remember them with delight.

One year, during their stay with us, their young son, Julian, bought new cowboy boots. He was very excited about them, and made a point of showing them to my husband John before leaving. Remembering something he was told as a child, John shared with Julian how the pointed toe is “just right” for sticking into a corner to squish a bug. John even took him to a corner to see how it works. Armed with this new information, the family departed.

About a week later, I received a letter from Susan, Julian’s mother. After their stay with us, they had reservation at the Governor Hotel in Portland . This is a beautiful old hotel, which had just completed an extensive refurbishing, making it grand and luxurious. As soon as they reached the lobby, apparently the first stop after leaving the ranch, Julian raced to a corner. He jammed his toe in, and declared in a loud little boy voice, “Look Mom, they work! I can squish bugs in the corner!”

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